Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Microsoft provides users with the facility to repair computers with remote access in versions upwards of Windows xp. To find the remote desktop repair option, you have to click the Windows logo on your taskbar to bring up the start menu and click the Control Panel shortcut from there. Once you reach the Control Panel, look for ‘System’ and click on that. A pop up window will show you various options in tab forms, desktop repair you will need to click on the one that says ‘Remote’. There are two options in that tab: ‘Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer’ and ‘Allow users to connect remotely to this computer’. Unless you check both options, you cannot receive remote assistance.

This, of course, brings us to what remote desktop repair really is. If you have an internet connection and a trouble with your computer, you can actually ask someone else sitting absolutely anywhere in the world (but with an internet connection) for assistance. If you checked the options mentioned above, that someone will be able to connect to your computer and use it or abuse it as if it were his or her own. This is actually a bit futuristic, and scary. A hacker could control your computer completely, and even shut you out of it. But hackers have ways of doing that even without abusing the official remote access. We can concentrate on how to benefit from this process.

First thing to note is that since you do not need assistance, remote or otherwise, unless your computer has a problem, it is best to keep the options unchecked to begin with. This should seal any ordinary security loophole. Next, you will need to either have a computer geek for a friend or expect to pay for remote service. Following Microsoft’s brainwave, several companies are using similar technology to repair computers with remote access. You need to download their software and run it, which will give them complete access over your system. Once the repairing is done, you can simply close the program – no elaborate uninstall will be required. Since such service is provided round the clock, you can well imagine the benefit of it. You might be working on an important project in the dead of night when your computer starts sprouting bugs. Help will be just a download away.

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